If you are looking to figure out where your roof leak is coming from, you may want to consider using infrared technology to do so. Professional roofers can use the technology to find leaks with improved accuracy when compared to manual inspections. For those who have not heard about using infrared technology for roof leaks, these are a few common questions you may have about the process.

How Does Infrared Technology Work For Finding Roof Leaks?

A roofing contractor uses a special camera that takes infrared pictures of your roof. With that picture, the roofer is able to identify parts of the roof that are cold, which can identify potential leaks.

The temperature readouts in the infrared pictures identify hot areas in red, cold areas in blue, and everything in between in yellow. The cold pockets of moisture will show up as blue, and help your roofing contractor identify problems.

Will An Infrared Camera Work With My Roof?

The great thing about infrared technology is that it is not limited by the kind of roofing material your home has. Materials like ceramic tile, wood, metal, rubber, and asphalt will let the infrared camera see hot and cold spots.

When Is The Best Time To Have An Infrared Roof Inspection?

Since infrared cameras depend on temperature for detecting leaks, you'll need the weather to cooperate for your roof inspection to be effective. That is why it needs to be done on a day where the weather is warm, dry, and sunny.

Recent rainfall can give false readings on the infrared camera, because the entire roof will show as if it is cold. Overcast weather is also not good, because the roof will not be hot. This prevents leaks from standing out well.

Will Infrared Technology Speed Up A Roof Inspection?

One benefit of infrared cameras is that they will show your roofing contractor important information immediately. With only a few snaps of the camera, they will instantly get temperature readouts without having to manually inspect a single shingle.

Is Using Infrared Technology Safe?

Many roofing contractors like this new technology because it is a much safer way to do a roof inspection. It prevents unnecessary trips onto a roof, where someone runs the risk of getting injured by slipping off the roof. With infrared technology, everything can be done from far away instead of needing to be hands on.

Infrared roof inspections can give you a comprehensive overview of any leak your roof may have. It if sounds like something you would like done for your home, contact your local roofing contractors and schedule an appointment.