Did you know that up to a third of your business's heating is lost partly through your roof? This energy loss can be costly in many ways, from costing you more money to heat your business to causing discomfort in being unable to keep a steady, warm temperature in your rooms and offices. Energy-efficient roofing is a great way to help combat this heat loss, and can be beneficial in many ways. Foam roofing is a type of energy-efficient roofing for your business and offers many benefits. Learn what this type of roofing is, why you should get it done, and how it can be a great investment for your business.

What foam roofing is

Foam roofing material is a combination of isocyanate and polyol, and is sprayed into the roofing system as a liquid. As it dries, it forms a thick foam that coats the entire surface, providing excellent insulation for your building. It is a light substance that will not damage the roof's structure and extremely durable when applied correctly. With proper installation and care, roof foaming can last a lifetime and offer ample heat sustainability for your business.

Benefits of foam roofing

Foam roofing can lower energy costs by up to 30% in your business by trapping heat and lowering energy loss. Its liquid application makes this type of roofing ideal for buildings with angular shapes and jutting additions, which is why it is used primarily in industrial and business structures. Since it has an indefinite lifespan, the cost of installing this type of roofing material is quickly offset by the savings in energy cost and the reduction in roof replacement in the future. As foam roofing is installed in a liquid spray, it creates a protective coating for the entire roof, reducing leaks that can be caused by other styles of roofing, such as shingles or metal panels.

Why you should invest in foam roofing

Foam roofing is beneficial for your business if you want to reduce energy costs, your roof is already in need of repair due to damaged shingles or leaking, your building has a unique architecture, or you are currently in the building process and want a reliable roof that needs little maintenance. Talk to your roofing contractor to see if foam roofing fits within your budget and needs.

Foam roofing can provide many benefits for your business. From helping you save on energy costs to offering a more permanent roofing solution, this is an addition to your business's structure that you may want to consider.

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