When you are a homeowner who is also concerned with having a home that is sustainable and eco-friendly, you may find it difficult to take on any major home improvement projects or renovations. This is because finding environmentally friendly materials and methods can be a major challenge. However, when it comes to replacing your roof, there are numerous options available to you that are both unique and eco-friendly. Get to know more about these green roofing options so that you can choose your materials and contact a residential roofing contractor to get your new roof installed.

A Living (Vegetative) Roof

One of the greenest roofing choices that you may want to consider for your new roof is a vegetative roof (a living roof). Vegetative roofing is unique in that it can be installed over an existing roofing structure without having to remove the original one.

A living roof has a thin membrane that is placed on top of the existing roofing structure. This membrane is designed to hold in the thin layer of topsoil that is then placed on the membrane. Into the thin layer of soil, you will add indigenous vegetation that is designed to grow and thrive with little to no maintenance in your climate and region.

The soil and vegetation provide excellent insulation while the plants also take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, further reducing your home's carbon footprint. As such the vegetative roofing is green for your home in several ways.

Recycled Material Roofing

Many people like to get a little creative with the materials they use for their roofing projects. There are numerous ways to incorporate recycled materials into your roofing project. You can purchase recycled rubber roofing, for example. This type of roof looks much like traditional shingles but is made of recycled tires. It is a dense material making it a great insulator and a durable material that can last for many years to come. 

If you prefer a roofing material that looks as unique as what it is made of, you can also talk to your residential roofing contractor about using something like vinyl records or even flattened aluminum cans as your roofing material. These materials are abundantly available, especially with vinyl records being an outdated audio technology.

You may not want to do the entire roof of your home in cans or vinyl records simply because the sheer number of individual pieces that will be needed. However, if you have a tiered home with different levels or an attached covered porch, using such materials can add a unique and interesting look to your home and show your dedication to green and sustainable home improvements.

Now that you have a few ideas of ways that you can install interesting green roofing options, you can get in contact with your residential roofing contractor and get your sustainable roof installed as soon as possible.

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