If you have a handicapped family member moving into your home, chances are their safety while navigating the property is first on your mind. The bathroom is one area where slip and fall incidents are an increased risk as there is a higher moisture content in the area. Taking time to revitalize your existing bathroom may be beneficial in keeping injury risk lower. Here are some steps you can take to remodel your bathroom into a safer area for your family member to use.

Add Rails Near Key Areas 

It is a good idea to install handrails in the bathroom to give the handicapped person a bit more stability as they make their way around the room. Place these rails near the bathtub, the toilet, and along longer stretches of wall so they can grasp upon one if needed.

Selecting a rails in a contrasting color from your bathroom's decor will ensure they will be seen if the person needs to reach for one quickly. Have your family member stand along one of the walls and ask them to raise their arm to show you a comfortable positioning for rail placement.

Replace Your Existing Bathtub With A Walk-In Tub 

One dangerous spot in the bathroom is the bathtub area. If your loved one has difficulty raising their legs, a walk-in tub would be a great replacement for your existing bathing enclosure. These have hinged doors which allow the person to get into the tub without a lot of motion to do so. There is a seating area available for them to use for bathing so slips are not as probable. A handheld shower attachment will make the task of bathing easier for the person as well.

Add Gripping Tape

Wet porcelain or tile flooring makes a bathroom extremely dangerous for someone who has trouble getting around. Install rubber grip tape in the bottom of your tub to give the person protection instead of a slick surface where slipping is likely. This tape can be cut in any length and affixes directly to the floor via a sticky surface on the opposite side of the rubber. Consider adding this tape to the underside of any rugs or mats in your bathroom as well.

Install A Communication Source For Quick Assistance If Needed

To make your loved one feel a bit more reassured about going into the bathroom on their own, a communication source inside will be beneficial if they run into trouble trying to get around. Have a call box installed in an easy-to-reach location so the person can push a button or pull a string to alert others in the home they are in need of assistance. Many place these near the toilet as it is an area where moisture will not damage the equipment. Another option is to install an intercom system that can be triggered upon entry to the bathroom so the person can bathe while someone in the home is able to hear them if they need help.

For more ideas for making your bathroom safe for your family member, contact a company like A1 Complete Remodeling.