Many people associate hiring a roofing contractor with the summer months, and, while it's true that many roofing crews repair and replace roofs during good weather, there are plenty of reasons to hire a roofer shortly before winter arrives, too. Even though the weather might be turning unpleasant, your roofing contractor will have no trouble climbing up onto your roof, and having them inspect it can often save you a significant amount of money and also avoid some headaches. Here are some jobs for which you should hire a roofer before the arrival of winter.

Checking For Loose Shingles

If you live in a climate in which the winter months are accompanied by heavy winds, you want to be confident about the integrity of your roof. Shingles that might have loosened during the summer months could be at risk of getting ripped off by the wind, and, once it begins to snow, the melting snow can immediately soak through your roof sheathing and result in water damage in your attic. Your roofer will be able to check that all of your shingles are in good shape, and replace any that have split or lifted away from the sheathing.

Installing An Ice Dam Prevention Heater

Ice dams are a major concern for many homeowners. This term refers to a barrier of ice that can develop along the length of the bottom edge of your roof. It can be high enough that it prevents the snow from sliding off to the ground below, which can put a weight strain on the roof and even increase the risk of water damage. Your roofing contractor will install a heating strip along the roof's bottom edge. This will melt any ice that accumulates in the area and allow the snow to slide freely off the roof so it won't cause any harm to your home.

Confirming The Condition Of The Trusses

To inspect your trusses, your roofing contractor will need access to your attic, although a preliminary inspection from your roof can suggest whether there might be problems. If you live in an old home, it's possible that some of your roof trusses are warped — possibly due to water damage, or as a result of heavy snow loads on the roof. If any of the trusses are in bad shape, repairs will be needed before a heavy snowfall, given the weight that snow puts on your roof.

If you suspect there are issues with your roof or if you'd like to have it inspected before winter, work with a roofing company like Rainy Day Exteriors.