Do you own a home with a roof that needs to be replaced? Will this be the first time you've had to have your roof repaired or replaced? Compared to the cost of some other home repairs, such as replacing your water heater, replacing your roof can be expensive. As a result, it can be a bit nerve-wracking while you wait for the roofing job to be finished. Knowing what to expect may help make the whole process easier. Here are some things that you should know about:

A lot of trash: When replacing a roof, the old roof must first be removed. The most expedient and safest way for your roofing contractor to do this is to simply toss the old roofing materials to the ground. While this may seem messy, doing this is safer than asking the roofers to climb down with the old shingles so that they can be disposed of neatly. If you rent a dumpster and have it left in your driveway, the roofers can aim for that and not your yard. Otherwise, you should cover fragile plants and designate a "garbage area" for the old roofing material to land in. This will make cleanup much easier than if the roofers simply drop the old materials off over the nearest edge.

Vibrations: Having one or more people walking across your roof and banging on it can obviously cause much of the whole house to vibrate. Talk to your roofing contractor and ask which things should be taken down. Most pictures and heavy ceiling fixtures should probably be taken down or removed so that they don't break during the installation process. This includes things like potted plants, ceiling fans, and chandeliers. Although doing this can seem like an annoying hassle, it saves you the trouble of having to repair or replace them later if they were to fall as a result of the roofers.

Noise: The roofing process can obviously be extremely noisy. While a roofing contractor will use a nail gun most of the time, he or she may also need to use a manual hammer from time to time. If you have any pets, you may want to take them to stay with a friend or family member or even to pay for them to be boarded while the roofing is going on. Otherwise, you may find your pets either hiding or else trying to compete nose-wise with the roofers or scare them away. Your pets may not like having to spend time away from you, but it'll be better for both their sanity and yours.

For more information, contact a roofing contractor near you.