For those who live in the warm, sunny climates of the southwest or southeast parts of the United States, the predominance of colorful and attractive tile roofs are a common sight. If you are beginning to see the need to upgrade your old asphalt roof, you may want to consider the benefits of using tile on your home. Read on to learn more about the plus side of using tile for your new roof.

Why is tile so popular?

There are several main benefits to tile as a roofing choice, including:

Tile roofs are fire resistant: The tendency of old buildings using wood and other flammable materials to burn down, often taking entire cities with them at the same time, prompted a revolution in building codes that called for using more fire-resistant materials, such as tile, as roofing. Tile has been in use for many years, and one its most prized benefits is that of fire resistance.

Tile roofs last an extremely long time: You can find proof of this longevity by speaking with any tile roofing materials dealer, with tile roofs frequently being warranted for as much as 50 years. Depending on your age, a tile roof may be the last roof you will ever have to install on your home. It should be noted that tile is more expensive than other roofing choices, but the longevity may offset that initial expense.

Tile roofs are weather resistant: For most weather events, such as hail, sun and rain, tile is virtually impervious to wear or damage. You should know, however, that objects hitting your roof can cause tile breakage. In fact, if you live in an area of the country plagued by hurricanes, your roof tiles have the potential to become dangerous flying projectiles.

Two main types of tiles

Tile roofing materials come in two main categories: traditional and concrete. Both types of tile last longer than most any other roofing materiel, however.

1. Traditional clay: This type of tile is best for colorfastness, which can be important since tile color can fade somewhat as time passes. Traditional kiln-fired clay tiles are both the both the most colorfast and the longest lasting of the two choices.

2. Concrete: For those wishing to save a little money and still reap the benefits of tile, concrete tile could be for you. This type of tile also comes in a far wider array of design and color choices.

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