When it comes to the siding you clad your home with, you have a great list of options from which to choose, but there is one type of siding that stands out to many homeowners: wood siding. Wood siding has been around the longest, it is especially common in some parts of the country, and it just exudes this certain level of rustic traditional style that it can be hard to pass over in favor of something else. But is wood siding really the best option for your home? Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of wood siding to help you decide. 

Pro: The look of wood siding is timeless. 

There's something homey about wood siding that you just can't ignore, which is why it has probably stuck around for so long as one of the most popular siding choices. The simple fact is, if you pick wood siding, you will not have to be concerned that it will go out of style like some other forms of modern siding. With every new siding development, wood siding has remained just as popular. 

Con: Unmaintained wood siding can be a threat to your home's structure. 

Wood siding requires upkeep, which could be viewed as a downfall if you want siding you can slap on and mostly forget about. However, on a more serious note, unkempt wood siding can actually be a danger to the structure of the house. If the siding is not sealed or stained as it should be, it can grow porous and allow water to seep inside behind the wooden panels. These damages can remain hidden for a while, which can lead to severe water damage to walls and framing. 

Pro: Wood siding is easy to alter if you want a new look. 

If you pick up dark grey vinyl siding and decide five years later that you don't like it, you really have no other choice but to deal with it or change the siding completely. With wood, you're never necessarily stuck with how it looks. If you want to give the house a different look, you can paint the wood siding a new color, stain it a different hue, or even sand it down to its original state to reveal a more natural appearance. 

Just like any siding, wood siding does have its pros and cons. If you would like to know more about wood siding, reach out to a roofing company that specializes in siding today. For more information, contact your local siding contractor.