If you own a commercial building that's going to need a new roof soon, you may be weighing your options. One type of commercial roofing to consider is foam. Foam roofing is suitable for flat and sloped roofs, and it has many advantages that make it a good choice for commercial buildings. Here's why you should look into having a foam roof put on your building.

Foam Roofing Minimizes The Risk Of Leaking

Foam roofing is sprayed on as a liquid that then expands and creates foam that hardens on the roof. This method of applying roofing completely eliminates seams and gaps since the foam is a continuous sheet of protection. The foam will also run into cracks and flow around vents and other roof protrusions before it hardens to create a tight seal.

The final step in applying foam roofing is to put on a waterproof top layer that adds further protection against rain. The end result is a roof that is very resistant to leaking. Due to the way it's made, it's also resistant to storm damage which would create potential leaks with other types of roofs.

Foam Roofing Is Durable

Foam roofing hardens into a durable surface when it cures. This is a beneficial quality when you have an HVAC unit or other equipment on the roof that may need to be serviced by contractors occasionally. You won't need to worry about roof damage from foot traffic. Plus, the coating applied to the roof reflects UV rays so the foam won't degrade due to sun exposure. A foam roof should last for several decades. The roof may even last for the life of the building if the coating is reapplied according to the schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Foam Roofing Can Often Be Applied Over Old Roofing

It might be possible to apply a foam roof over your old roof depending on the material of your old roof and its condition. If this is possible, the process of having a new roof installed will go quicker and you'll eliminate the expense of disposing of old roofing material. However, it's necessary to prep the old roof first by cleaning all debris off of it so the foam has a clean surface to adhere to.

Foam Can Fill In Depressions

If you have a flat roof with a depression that collects water when it rains, the problem can be corrected by adding more foam to that area to build it up. This is an easy way to correct problems rather than having to replace the roof. The technician can control the thickness of the foam so more can be applied where needed to create the right drainage conditions for your flat roof.

A foam roof forms a continuous white cover for your roof so it is an attractive roofing option that will complement your building. It offers excellent protection for your building, it has a long life, and it requires very little care. That makes it one of the better choices in commercial roofing for you building when you don't want to invest a lot of time and money in roof maintenance.